Business Plan work book


Focus your thoughts and drill down into the facts and figures which will form the basis of your business with this 26-page workbook.

As you work through the pages you will look at why you want to start a business and what skills and attributes you bring to it.

You’ll hone your executive summary and elevator pitch, look at your market, conduct research, assess your competition and explain your products, services and pricing strategy.

You will be prompted to consider your marketing strategy and, obviously, the financial aspects of your business – and your personal suvival.

This ebook is everything you’ll need to create an outstanding business plan – and you can take that to the bank!


Use Impetus4’s workbook to create your business plan and get your new business off on the right foot.

Simply fillĀ in the sections in this easy to follow ebook – and before you know it you’ll have a document you can take to the bank!

The sections will get you thinking about why you want to start a business, what skills you have to offer, your elevator pitch, customers, competition, market, research and financial forecasts.

You’ll even be prompted to come up with a Plan B and create a personal survival budget.

This workbook is crammed with 24 pages of useful stuff to get your business underway.

This workbook is also part of the Starting a Business bundle, which includes a guide on how to write your business plan and much more.

Find the full bundle here…


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