You and Your Motivations

Lesson Four

Focus on Business Success

This is where it starts to get real!

Now you are clear on where you are going and have set some long-term and shorter-term goals to take you in the right direction, now you actually have to start putting the work in to get there.

You can only do this is you laser focus on achieving your goals.

Warren Buffett said: “The difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is thatreally successful people say no to almost everything so they can stay focused on what THEY want to achieve.”

You need to be in this 100% – no half measures.

But, of course, in reality, none of us can claim to be 100%.

So, you need to be able to identify where you fall short – whether in terms of knowledge, skills, commitment or focus – so that you can compensate.

Take the Focus Assessment here, or complete it in the You and Your Motivations Workbook.

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