Impetus 4 Inner Circle

Join a network of women empowering and aspiring each other to achieve their business dreams.

Travelling is always more fun when you are not alone – and that’s what Impetus4’s Inner Circle is all about. 

The Inner Circle is a Facebook group where women meet to inspire and empower other women to achieve their dreams of running their own business. And, of course, where you can be inspired and empowered on your own journey. 

Here you will find all kinds of help and support along every step of the path. If you are struggling with something right now, you can be sure someone else has struggled with it too and can offer support or valuable advice on how to move forward.

We can also share in each other’s triumphs, failures, faux pas and proudest moments along the way.

The Inner Circle also offers opportunities to promote your business (group rules apply) and make long-lasting connections with influencers in a variety of industries.

Impetus4 Inner Circle

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