An Empowering Network for Women in Business

Inspiring business owners to achieve their dreams and reach their goals


Impetus4 is a network for entrepreneurs who aspire to greatness. If you have a dream of starting your own business or need help to take your idea to the next level, you will find all the support – and impetus – you need, right here.

Steps to Success

Get started on your entrepreneurial journey by following Impetus4’s Steps to Success programme -guiding you through the process from starting out to serious superstar.

Resource Centre

Get more help with everything you need to know about starting and running a business – from preparing yourself to preparing a business plan – by delving into Impetus4’s resource centre.

One-to-One Help

If you are struggling to go it alone on your business and need a helping hand to lead you along the path to being an entrepreneur, Impetus4’s mentoring programme is for you.

Join the Inner Circle

An online and real-lie mentoring and mastermind group for women in business, the Inner Circle is where you can share your experiences of starting a business and learn from others.

Impetus4 Resources

Go to Impetus4’s Resource Centre now to find everything you need to build a winner’s mindset and guide you through the journey of starting and running your own successful business.

Impetus4 Coaching

Go to our Services page to learn more about how Impetus4’s one-to-one and online coaching can help you break down the barriers to your success and start making your dreams a reality.

Steps to Success

Go to the Steps to Success page and let Impetus4 guide you along the journey of starting your own business, from getting you in the right mindset right through to growing your team.

Impetus4 Inner Circle

One of Impetus 4’s strengths lies in its supportive network of like-minded individuals. To bring together you ambitious entrepreneurs we have launched the Impetus 4 Inner Circle.

Some of the ways Impetus4 can help you . . .


Get Set for Success

IMPETUS 4 can help you discover your ‘why?’, break down barriers to success and set goals to achieve your dreams.

Business Admin

Let IMPETUS 4 guide you on the software and systems you need in place to start and run a business.

Build a Brand

Make a name for yourself by learning how to build a personal and business brand.

Let's Get Social

Take the world of social media by storm – IMPETUS 4‘s on hand to show you how to do Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.

Get online

IMPETUS 4 can help you choose a domain name, hosting and get your website off the ground.


Be supported

You are not alone – find support and advice from other ambitious business women in IMPETUS 4‘s Inner Circle.