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5 tricks to write a winning headline for every blog post

What's in a headline? The answer is everything. When you are trying to entice readers into your blog post, those first few words can make or break the content you have so lovingly slaved over. But when you have spent so long poring over every word of a 3,000 post, the...

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How to build a personal brand – and why you need one

Nike, Google, Apple, Coca-Cola – mention these names and you are likely to instantly conjure a picture of the brands they represent. In fact, brands are so much part of our culture, it is obvious why businesses spend millions on building their brand until it becomes a...

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9 things you can do today to build your confidence

Confidence is a funny beast. One day you practically jump out of bed ready to show the world how awesome you are and meet every challenge head on and the next you just wish you could hide under the duvet all day, feeling you can't face what the world has in store for...

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Step-by-Step Guide to Writing a Business Plan the Easy Way

Listen, I know how it is, I really do! You are desperate to crack on with getting your business set up and there are 101 exciting things you could be doing to get nearer that goal. A business plan isn't really necessary, right? After all, you don't need to show one to...

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10 good reasons why you should start your own business

Ditching the security of a steady 9-5 job and starting your own business can be a big step into the unknown. If you are seriously considering taking the plunge there are probably dozens of concerns whirring around inside your brain which are enough to rob you of a...

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8 essential reasons to get blogging to grow your business

Blogging – or content marketing – is the current “in thing” when it comes to promoting your business. It might sound a scary proposition, especially when you are pushed for time, but it is well worth considering – not least because it is a proven way of growing your...

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