Your journey to the stars starts right here…

Hello lovely,

Are you ready to become a superstar?

I’m Tracey Sweetland, Founder of Impetus4 Success Academy.

I’m so looking forward to getting to know you and guiding you on your path to a seriously successful business.

I know how lonely and confusing it can be trying to go it alone as an entrepreneur.

You often feel as though you are hitting a dead end or going in circles. You feel lost on a journey you have no map for.

But you know that if you were given the map you would be on your way to reaching your goals and realising your dreams.

That’s what Impetus4 Success Academy Inner Circle membership offers – a roadmap to put you on the fast track to success.

No more trying to figure it out by yourself. Come and join us and be part of something amazing.

What Is Impetus4 Success Academy’s Inner Circle?

It’s a growing community of ambitious female entrepreneurs, helping and guiding each other to reach their goals.

Once inside you’ll find an online hub containing all the support and resources you need to focus on what you need to do to turn your vison into a reality – without the need for taking dozens of different courses or scouring the internet for bits and pieces of information you need.

Plus you’ll have lots of fun and make new friends along the way.

1. We’ll help you get clarity

Stop chasing your own tail and going round in circles. We are going to help you get clarity on what you are trying to achieve and what you need to do to reach your goals and realise your dreams.

What happens when you join?

You’ll be joining a supportive network of women just like you.

2. We’ll help you get the skills

Once you know what you want to do, we’ll show you step-by-step what to do to get there. Delve into our library of masterclasses and resources to find everything you’ll need to make your business a success.

3. We’ll help you implement

Our support network, business buddy scheme and one-to-one support will help keep you on track and hold your accountable to taking those small steps towards your big goals. You are no longer alone.

3. We’ll provide 1-1 help

There is tailored support, whatever your problem, whenever you are struggling or have a question. Get in touch by email or phone, or put your question to the other Impetus4 members in the Facebook group.


First 100 members only. Be an early-bird and get all of this for nothing…



Membership after promotion is £18pcm

Get all of this…

  • Monthly Masterclasses
  • Instant access to all trainings
  • Business buddy scheme
  • One-to-one support
  • Access to private Facebook group
  • Business promotion opportunities

Here’s what you’ll get access to…

Monthly Business Bundles

Get detailed instructions and insights on different aspects of starting and running a business each month, including valuable and helpful downloads to guide you.

Exclusive Facebook Group

Join a supportive network of like-minded women and share your struggles, sucessess and wisdom. The group also includes Q&A sessions to offer more hands-on help.

Business Buddies Scheme

Let Impetus4 Success team you up with a fellow member so you can support and hold each other accountable to meeting your goals. Plus, you’ll make new friends!

Promotional opportunities

Each month Impetus4 will choose a Star of the Month, where you get the chance to tell other members all about yourself and your business.

One-to-One Support

Members receive exclusive email and phone access to Impetus4’s founder Tracey Sweetland. You also get discounts on coaching services.

I get you…

and you get me

I understand you. I’ve been where you are. Trying to build a business all on my lonesome.

That’s why I’ve built the Impetus4 Success Academy – so you are not alone.

If you need help, reach out and I’ll be right here to share my experience and offer my support in any way I can.

Impetus4 Success Academy

can help you reach your goals

and realise your dreams…


Big growth

More followers, more email subscribers, more traffic to your website = more customers.


More money

Learn how to make your business more profitable.


More time

Stop going round in circles and learn which actions to focus on to make the biggest difference.


More motivation

Rediscover your passion for your business and get the kick up the backside you need to chase your dreams.


Less stress

Learn how to develop a positive mindset and let go of those worries and woes to focus on building your business.