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Blogging – or content marketing – is the current “in thing” when it comes to promoting your business.

It might sound a scary proposition, especially when you are pushed for time, but it is well worth considering – not least because it is a proven way of growing your business.

Research carried out by HubSpot showed that 60 per cent of businesses who had a blog had seen an increase in customers.

So what are the benefits?

Blogging drives traffic to your website

Unless you are a business which operates mainly online, the chances are your website is a fairly basic affair with the usual static pages such as About Us and Contact Us. This probably means the “content” on your site doesn’t change very often. By adding a blog, you are adding new content on a regular basis, which is then another page indexed by the search engines, which in turn makes it more likely you can be found when a potential customer searches for you. (If you don’t have a website, see our post on why you should get on here)

Visitors to your blog can be turned into customers

Add a call to action at the end of your blog post, such as a freebie or special offer, which visitors have to sign up for and hey presto! – you can start growing a mailing list. Send out regular updates on your business, such as new products or services, to those on your mailing list.

It’s an opportunity for shameless self-promotion

No one likes a bragger, but with a blog you can legitimately let your customers know about the fantastic projects you have completed or the accolades you have earned.


Blogging gives your company a voice and helps establish you as an “expert” in your field

If people start sharing your blog posts and interacting with them, it all goes a long way to establishing your brand in their mind as the “authority” on that subject. Use your blog to answer common questions people have about your particular industry, respond to their comments and let your business’s values, such as honesty and transparency, shine through. Customers are always more likely to buy from the business they feel they “know”, so use your blog to build a relationship with them.

People can share your blog posts through social media

Social media is another great way of promoting your business to you target audience, but coming up with original posts for Facebook and Twitter can be hard when your website is an unchanging static affair. This is where your blog posts truly come into their own – use them as a basis for your Twitter and Facebook content. Your followers can share them, increasing your visibility and “reach”, and you can drive more traffic back to your website. (Learn more about the benefits of social media)

Blogs can be the basis of a two-way conversation

Whether it’s through social media or comments on your website, blog posts can be a great way to start a conversation with your potential customers. It comes back to building relationships. You can get feedback on what you are doing right, what your customers want more of and where you have room for improvement. 

Blogging is a way to stay focused on your business

While you are contemplating what the subject of your next blog post should be, you are most likely examining the different areas of your business and considering the subjects of interest to your customers and the questions they need answering. This can lead to revelations of changes and improvements you can make to breathe new life into your enterprise.

It’s fun!

OK, we might struggle to persuade some people on this one, but it really can be fun to put “pen to paper” or fingers to keyboard and create something which other people will read. If we really can’t persuade you on this one – Rant Media’s copywriting services extend to writing relevant blog posts.