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Inspiring business owners to achieve their dreams and reach their goals


Impetus4 is a network for entrepreneurs who aspire to greatness. If you have a dream of starting your own business in the UK or need help to take your idea to the next level, you will find all the support – and impetus – you need, right here in our 4-part programme.

Personal Development

Discover your “why”, set your goals, develop a business mindset and break down the barriers standing in your way of starting a small business.

Getting ready

Take the next steps to becoming an entrepreneur and lay a solid foundation for future success by having the right things in place for a smooth-running business.

First steps

Learn the basics of small business marketing, set your start-up strategy and find your first customers as you take the next steps.

Onward and upward

Keep the Impetus 4 success going by focusing on how you can continue to grow your small business and achieve your entrepreneurial dreams.

Join the Impetus 4 Inner Circle


One of Impetus 4’s strengths lies in its supportive network of like-minded individuals. To bring together you ambitious entrepreneurs we have launched the Impetus 4 Inner Circle. Find out more about the benefits and how to join.

First Steps to Superstardom

Laser sharp focus on what you want to achieve is the first step to success. IMPETUS 4 can help you find that focus, and work out the next steps.

Have a look at our blog and learn some of our top tips for business and personal success.

If you need more one-to-one support through mentoring or coaching, find out how Impetus4 can help here…

5 easy ways to build an awesome personal brand

Taking control and creating an awesome personal brand puts you on the front foot when it comes to establishing yourself as a force to be reckoned with in your chosen field, but how do you go about building a brand that will bring opportunity knocking at your door? The...

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How to build a personal brand – and why you need one

Nike, Google, Apple, Coca-Cola – mention these names and you are likely to instantly conjure a picture of the brands they represent. In fact, brands are so much part of our culture, it is obvious why businesses spend millions on building their brand until it becomes a...

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9 things you can do today to build your confidence

Confidence is a funny beast. One day you practically jump out of bed ready to show the world how awesome you are and meet every challenge head on and the next you just wish you could hide under the duvet all day, feeling you can't face what the world has in store for...

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Do you really have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?

There are no exams you need to pass or qualification you need to have before you can describe yourself as an entrepreneur. In fact, anyone with an inkling of an idea for a business can describe themselves as an entrepreneur - but having a good idea does not mean...

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Why it’s taken a while to work out my ‘why?’

Towards the end of December 2016 I had a professional epiphany. This big revelation relating to my career was that I wasn’t doing enough. I hadn’t yet “made it” in my own mind. I already had two successful businesses under my belt, but it wasn’t enough to make me jump...

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Impetus4 Resources

Go to our Resource Centre now to find everything you need to build a winner’s mindset and start your Impetus4 Success journey.

Impetus4 Coaching

Go to our Services page to learn more about how Impetus4’s one-to-one and online coaching can help you break down the barriers to your success and start making your dreams a reality.

Some of the ways Impetus4 can help you . . .


Get Set for Success

IMPETUS 4 can help you discover your ‘why?’, break down barriers to success and set goals to achieve your dreams.

Business Admin

Let IMPETUS 4 guide you on the software and systems you need in place to start and run a business.

Build a Brand

Make a name for yourself by enlisting IMPETUS 4‘s help to build a personal and business brand.

Let's Get Social

Take the world of social media by storm – IMPETUS 4‘s on hand to show you how to do Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.

Get online

IMPETUS 4 can help you choose a domain name, hosting and get your website off the ground.


Be supported

You are not alone – find support and advice from other ambitious business women in IMPETUS 4‘s Inner Circle.

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